Patricio Lizarraga

Patricio comes from a family of dancers. Both his father and mother have paved the way for many dancers here in the dmv area and their son was one of them. Being exposed to the arts at a very early age Patricio became qualified to teach at the age of 14. Specializing in all latin dances. As time went by and he matured as a dancer and instructor so did his love for the tango. Always searching to advance and taking classes from some of the best instructors in the world Patricio now 26 has become one of the most well rounded and captivating performer/instructor.

Nadine Fricke Ortiz

Nadine has had dance in her life since the beginning. Dancing ballet since the age of 3 she has done jazz, hip hop, salsa, bachata, chacha, rumba, and of course the argentine tango…she instantly fell in love with the dance and has been training in it ever since. Having the privilege of taking lessons from the best instructors the beautiful art of tango has to offer . She loves to teach all she has learned in a lifetime of dancing the world.

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